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Experienced Window Tinting Company Serving Palm Beach


Want reliable, top-shelf quality window tinting for your Palm Beach home, business, or vehicle? If so, choose the team that's been devotedly serving the locals of Palm Beach for over 30 years: Cool World Window Tinting Solutions!

As much as your windows can freshen and elevate your property, they can also admit lots of uncomfortable heat, blinding glare, and damaging UV rays. This can cause problems whether you're relaxing at home, working at your job, or traveling around in your car or boat. Our window tints and films are designed to counteract these problems by locking out heat, reducing glare, and blocking UV radiation. We can even provide you with privacy tinting to keep prying eyes from peering into your property.

Here in Palm Beach, the weather can be unpredictable. Throughout the years, we get sunny days, salt breezes, and hurricane-force winds. As an authorized dealer of Madico Sunscape and Solar Gard, our window tints and films are designed to withstand the most brutal weather conditions and last for years without fading, bubbling, or peeling, for flawless window tinting that stands the test of time.

Interested in the rates and window tinting options we offer? Call Cool World Window Tinting Solutions at 954-871-5870 and request an estimate for your desired service. We are a 100% mobile company, and we'll be glad to come out straight to you and write up an accurate estimate for custom window tinting that's designed to fit your specific needs to a T.

Perfect Palm Beach Residential Window Tinting

Big, beautiful windows can open up the feel of your home, admit tons of refreshing sunlight and air, and let you look out at some gorgeous Palm Beach scenery. Unfortunately, though, windows can have their downsides too. Heat and glare can make an otherwise relaxing space uncomfortable, and UV rays can ruin upholstery and damage your skin. To counteract these negative effects, our home window tinting services can help, blocking UV rays and reducing heat and glare inside your home!

Palm Beach's Premier Commercial Window Tint Experts

For commercial buildings, striking a balance between attractive curb appeal and easy, cost-effective maintenance is key. Windows brighten buildings inside and out, but it's also very easy to lose tons of energy efficiency with large windows as well. By rejecting the heat from the sun and blocking out harmful UV radiation, window tinting makes it easier to regulate the temperature inside your office without sending your businesses' energy bills for the roof, so you can enjoy spectacular, great-looking windows stress-free!

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