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Skilled Window Tinting Company in Wellington


For skilled, dedicated service and flawless window tinting solutions in Wellington, you can count on Cool World Window Tinting Solutions. With over 30 years of operation behind us, we're veterans of the window tinting business. Our company has stood the test of time and earned the trust and devotion of locals in and around Wellington due to our impeccable service, our meticulous, flawless installation process, and the wide array of high-quality window tinting products we offer our customers.

As much as we all love the Florida sunshine, it does have its downsides. UV rays can not only fade, crack, and discolor furnishings and upholstery, but they're also responsible for aging skin and contributing to skin cancer- even indoors, if your windows don't provide adequate UV protection, your skin may still be at risk! The excess heat makes our AC unit work hard to cool things down and sends our energy bills soaring, glare blocks our computer screens and makes driving unsafe- as great as the Florida sun is, it has its issues, too.

As an authorized dealer of Madico Sunscape and Solar Gard products, we have a wide array of options to help Wellington locals improve their windows' UV protection, glare reduction, and energy efficiency. We even offer privacy films with different looks and textures to block unwanted glances indoors while still allowing you a clear view outside. These products are top-quality, look great, excel in protection, and last for many years without fading, bubbling, or otherwise degrading.

If you're curious about our home window tinting, commercial window tinting, or boat/car window tinting services, we'd be glad to offer you an estimate. As a 100% mobile window tinting company, we do all estimates on-site to ensure maximum accuracy. To call and request your estimate, reach us at 954-871-5870.

Premier Residential Window Tinting For Wellington Homeowners

How can our window tinting options enhance your home?

  • Protect your decorations and furniture from fading and UV damage
  • Keep your skin safe from UV rays, reducing the likelihood of premature aging and skin cancer
  • Keep uncomfortable glare out of your eyes
  • Lower your energy bills while keeping your home cool with improved energy efficiency
  • Enhance your home's security with privacy films

As part of our home assessments, we look for other ways we can maximize your home's energy efficiency, such as checking your AC system and suggesting blinds, curtains, and other options. We look for ways we can improve our clients' properties first and foremost, even if the answer doesn't always serve our bottom line. We'll gladly help you enhance and protect your Wellington home however we can.

Excellent Variety Of Commercial Window Tint For Wellington Businesses

Different businesses may need to prioritize different things with their window tinting.

  • Places like schools, daycares, and law offices need enhanced privacy protection
  • Office spaces need glare reduction to keep blinding glare off of computer screens
  • Storefronts need UV protection to keep their interiors safe from fading while showing off their wares
  • Large facilities need heat-blocking window tinting to maximize energy efficiency

Whatever types of window tinting your business requires, we have what you need to help you succeed.

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