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Choosing The Best Car Window Tint Percentage

Car tint

People choose to tint their car windows for a number of reasons. It keeps you from getting sunburned, protects your upholstery from sun damage, keeps your car cooler on hot days, reduces glare for safer driving, and can even afford you some privacy. When deciding on car window tinting, however, you have to pick the right VLT percentage, which is the percentage of light allowed through the tint. So how do you go about finding the best tint percentage for your car?

First, Know Your State Laws

The percentage of window tint you can legally have on your car windshield is determined by your state laws. In Florida, this is the lowest percentage that state regulations allow:

  • Front side windows: 28% VLT
  • Back side windows: 15% VLT
  • Rear window: 15% VLT

For windshields, non-reflective tint is only allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line. If your window tinting doesn't fall within these limits, you can get hit with hefty fines. Make sure you choose a reputable window tint professional, who will ensure your car's window tinting stays street-legal.

Ask Yourself: What Are My Reasons For Getting A Window Tint?

Consider the main reasons why you're tinting your car's windows. Depending on what reasons you want to tint your car windows, your options in terms of VLT percentage vary greatly. If you're looking for protection from heat and UV rays, your options can vary from fairly light to pretty dark depending on what look you want (we'd recommend a tint of at least 50%, though). If you want tinting for privacy, to conceal your cars' interiors, darker is better.

Additionally, if you want extra privacy, you can choose a reflective tint for your front and back side windows. Again, however, Florida laws limit this: front-side windows cannot be more than 25% reflective, and back-side windows cannot be more than 35%. Windshields and rear windows cannot be reflective.

Consider The Aesthetics

How dark you go with your window tinting will also affect the look of the car itself. Consider your car as it is now, and think about how the percentage of your desired tint would look with it. Some cars look great with a dark tint, but that dark tint can look too heavy and out of place on other vehicles. If you're having trouble visualizing how dark or how like your tint percentage would look, Madico offers a helpful automotive tint simulator that can help you picture it better.

Pick Your Professional

Once you've decided on the look you prefer and the benefits you want to prioritize, you can take the next steps. it's recommended you get it professionally installed. Reputable professionals offer warranties and have the training to carefully install flawless window tinting without mistakes. There are a lot of tinting companies out there, some good and some bad. There are also products that perform more highly than others. Research your local tint companies, read reviews, and see whose products they offer.

If you're in Southeast Florida, Cool World Window Tinting Solutions has been installing car window tinting for over 30+ years. We consistently earn five-star ratings across the board with our customers, and as an authorized vendor of Madico Sunscape and Solar Gard products, we can promise our clients top-quality window tinting. To ask us about our services, call us at 954-871-5870 today.

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