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Recent Projects and Photos by Cool World Window Tinting Solutions

Cool World Club Members Window Tinting in Pompano Beach, FL

Every Customer has an opportunity to join the Cool World Tinting Club. We take great pride in providing world class service to you. By tinting your home, commercial building also your fleet of cars and trucks. Cool World tinting club should be your first and only call. Where all tinting […]

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Providing Quality and Great Value for our Customers in Pompano Beach, FL

We provide guidance when it comes to choosing window film that both fits your style and provides the perfect level of protection for your home or condominium or commercial property. Window film will improve your energy savings throughout the year keeping air conditioning bills lower by increasing […]

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Window Tinting Home Estimate in Pompano Beach, FL

Every home or business has hot spots where the heat makes the area very uncomfortable and needs window film to control the heat of the sun. We will select three films that would exceed expectations for heat rejection for that area. Each window film offers different […]

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Energy Saving Projects in Miami Beach, FL

Installation of window film in your commercial building or Home can save you money on your rising utility electric bill. Allowing Guest and Tenants in your commercial building to feel comfortable. Window films can block 80% of the heat and glare from entering your home or your […]

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